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Postby DrRussellJayHendel » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:57 am

First let me wish everyone a happy and healthy new year filled with more Torah. Our forum has seen a decline in Torah. Perhaps this year it will pick up.

Second: I am happy to inform you that I am an honoree at the 2011 Annual Dinner of AMIT

Some people do not know that much about AMIT so I thought I would write a posting (or more if there is interest) on the topic.

AMIT is a charity, recognized by the Israeli government,
dedicated to building a network of religious schools throughout Israel.

AMIT grows yearly and currently has about
- 100 schools
- 25,000 students
- 100,000 almuni.
AMIT schools have a reputation of excellence and a higher passing rate on the national bagrut high school exams

Donations from the dinner support educational activities
for a diverse spectrum of Israeli children.

You can view the invitation at
(Click on Annual dinner next to the Rosh Hashana cards on middle left)

If you reside in the NY area you may wish to come to the Dinner in November

Alternatively you may wish to donate using the DONATE button on the middle right
and DEDICATE to me( Dr. Hendel.)

However to the extent that people are interested I will follow up in this thread with unusual success stories about Israel. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Perhaps some of you are AMIT graduates or know of AMIT graduates. Please share your stories.

Dr Russell Jay Hendel;
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Postby DrRussellJayHendel » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:06 am

I mentioned about a month ago that I am one of the honorees at the AMIT national dinner. Check out and click on the invitation to learn more.

I promised to tell you some information about AMIT. So I thought I would give a little series
#1) AMIT is officially recognized by the Israeli government and is in charge of a network of religious highschools
#2) AMIT specializes in providing education in rural areas and to students with disabilities
#3) AMIT currently has 25000+ students in 100 schools with about 100,000 alumni
#4) AMIT schools typically excel in passing rates of teh Bagruth (Matriculation exam)

I thought I would concentrate on individual stories in the next few issues.

It is well known that SEDAYROTH was subjected to constant bombings. The passing rate for the High School matriculation exam was 20%. After all how can one learn with constant sirens. AMIT combines both philantrophy and skillful thinking. Some donors donated a large sum of money. The money was used to bus students from the north to beer sheva. The students remained there several days a week. They could then study in quiet without the fear of bomb sirens.

The result: The bagruth passing rate soared from 20% to 70/80%.

I will try and tell you more success stories in the coming days.
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Postby Hart60 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:04 am

Shana tova and congratulations on your appointment Dr Hendel, any work done to nurture children is always worth while.

DrRussellJayHendel wrote:Hi
Our forum has seen a decline in Torah. Perhaps this year it will pick up.
Maybe it's not my place to ask but I will in case nobody else does. I'm wondering why you think the forum is in decline,maybe you could explain why you thinks so and suggest what could be done to improve things.

Kind regards,
Dan Hart.
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Postby DrRussellJayHendel » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:12 am

I have posted sporadically about what AMIT does for education. AMIT is recognized by the Israeli government and is responsible for a network of religious high schools. Amit currently has 25000 students in 100 schools with 100,000 alumni. AMIT students typically score higher on the High School matriculation exams and therefore obtain prestegious positions in Israel society.

Since I am one of the honorees at the American National Dinner in New York, this November 13th, I thought I would run a series about AMIT. Here are a collection of stories. If you like reading these stories feel free to subscribe to the amit newsletter at (Click on news and events and then on e-Newsletter). If you want to learn more about the national dinner click on the invitation on the page.

Russell Jay Hendel;Stories below

STORY #1: Raising the High School matriculation passing rate from 20% to 80% in Sedayroth
I always emphasize that Charity requires both money and ingenuity. Sedayroth is subject to daily bombings. You can't study if you may have to run for a shelter. The passing rate for the High School matriculation exam was 20%. Someone donated money to solve the problem. But you needed more than money - you needed ingenuity to resolve the problem. The solution? Children were bussed and housed from Sedayroth to Beer Sheva several days a week. In Beer Shevah they could study in quiet. The result? The High School matriculation rate increased from 20% to 80%.

STORY #2: 1st Computerized girls HS
The new Ulpanat AMIT Givat Shmuel opened its doors on September 1 to its first 73 students. It is the first fully computerized junior and senior high school for girls in Israel offering both high level Jewish studies coupled with advanced courses in science and computer technology.

STORY #3: First time join Computer project with Russia
This past summer two teachers at the AMIT Junior and Senior High School in Beersheva - Zev Frieman and Dr. Yevgeny Kanell - made history when they traveled to the Penza region in Russia to hold a computer science teaching workshop for 54 local teachers.

STORY #4: 9th grader creates invention for Shabbath
Nir Reiter, a ninth grader at the AMIT Gwen Straus Junior and Senior Science High School for Boys in Ra’anana, already had an interesting idea when assigned an end-of-the-year science project. The assignment was to solve an Halachic issue using technology. Nir’s idea? To find a digital way to deal with electrical power problems on Shabbat.

Together with fellow classmate Omer Badash he wrote a computer program to solve the problem of a circuit breaker that fails on Shabbat. The program scans the electrical panel, finds the problem breaker, disables it and resumes the operation of all the other switches. When the system identifies that the problematic switch is again operable, it resumes its normal operation, and performs scans for the following ten hours in order to identify faulty conditions

STORY #5: 100% passing rate for High School matriculation exam for Amit girls high school
While 72 percent of AMIT high school students are currently graduating with a full bagrut diploma (as compared to 62 percent for all Jewish students in Israel), the young women of AMIT Bellows Ulpanat Noga in Beit Shemesh scored a particular triumph when taking these all-important national exams for the 2009-2010 school year: every AMIT Noga student passed all her exams and will be receiving a full bagrut diploma.

Eleventh graders at the AMIT Hatzor HaGlilit Junior and Senior High School have undertaken the volunteer project of restoring part of the pedestrian path around the Kinneret in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. In recent years, many have found access to the Kinneret difficult, due to either private beaches or overgrowth

STORY #7: MIDRESEHT AMIT - A post high school israelie program combining learning and chesed
Many High Schoolers spend a year in Israel prior to commencing college. One post high school possibility is Midreshet Amit: This program combines learning with participation in helping
out children in the Beit Hayeled orphanage.
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