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Re: Exceptional mem sofit

Postby mariaw » Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:38 pm

A fond Hello! This scares me to contemplate as I'm afraid I'm NOT getting this.

You have left me with the words "love your neighbor."
The word "fellow" in Hebrew is much shorter than "neighbor" & my grasp of Hebrew is limited.
So I came up with ריע רע
The numerical value of ayin is seventy which leads me to HASHEM'S eye
or providence & leadership including Moses' 70 elders. Wow, the Sanhedrin!!!

This word also reminds me that Torah is transmitted thru inheritance in family unit
& (I think) the Law shows us how on a spiritual level as well as practical on the surface things.
Hillil, a great Talmudic sage who became president of Sanhedrin,
says to a gentile, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.
That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation of this--go and study it!"

Shammai followed the Law's stricter interpretation of how unity
among fellows came about as well as keeping Torah's pristine integrity.

Your last point of reference is mother & father.
I've added a father-in-law as a family progression.
What does "father-in-law" have to do with LAW?
Genesis 2:24 indicates a father-in-law for the wife ,
since the husband has left his father's house as Abraham did.

Exodus18:25----Jethro, father-in-law of Moses,
advises Moses to appoint men of accomplishment as heads & leaders.
The first Sanhedrin, so to speak.
Moses' assembly is 70 elders. Then there is Jacob's father-in-law who is another story.

Gen. 5:4----Adam begets "sons & daughters."
Numbers 27:15----HaShem appoints a man over the assembly.
This comes directly after Numbers 27:6 where, according to Law,
the daughters are to receive the inheritance if sons have died.

So Law concerns daughters inheritance.
Num. 27.6 directly links to Moses & men of the great assembly
providing deeper meaning of how HASHEM transmits the entire Torah
& keeps family united & inspired.

Attai, your idea has led me to the "The Great Assembly."
The ayin is found in Numbers 27.13 & shows Moses
seeing a deeper spiritual essence, as comments in my Tanach point out.

I respect & appreciate any corrections that the forum may have on this.
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