its greek to me

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its greek to me

Postby aries » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:27 pm

When the earliest contact occurred between Greek and Hebrew is a matter of debate. Rashi seems to see Greek words in the Torah. Two of them are in Parsha Vayezeh.
It say that Rivka's wetnurse died at Alon Bechut. Rashi brings that Alon is like the Greek word Allo (like in allosteric, allopath) meaning other. Someone other died, i.e., Rivka herself but they didn't want to say because they didn't want anyone to curse her for bringing Esav into the world. (allopaths are what homeopaths call regular doctors. homeopaths believe that like cures like. e.g. digitoxin causes palpatations of the heart in healthy people but slows palpatation of the heart in normal people)
The other is the Yamim (mules found in the desert). This is based on the mdirash where one opinion is that is hemiequus (half a horse) or hemienus (half a donkey).
Aryeh Shore
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Re: its greek to me

Postby mariaw » Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:32 pm

Aries, A fond hello & thanks so much again!
It took me almost a year, but I finally found "the other."
& the Yamin, I think! I also found their connection.

The other: 1 Samuel 10.9, Gen 17:5, Gen 35:10,
Deut 9.10 Proverbs 3.1, 2,3 Jeremiah 31.32 Ezek 3.1-10
The Yamim: The song of Deborah teaches that Judges rode Yamim.
This concept connects with "the other" or allon or allo.
Isaiah 1.26----Restoring judges Zech 9.9----"a humble man riding upon a donkey."
Gen 49.8----Judah's donkey & vine
1 Sam 10.9----donkey isn't the small hard point here
but G-d transforming Saul with a new heart.
Judges 10.1, 2, 3---Tola, a judge of Israel, lived, died & was buried in Shamir.
The mystical stonecutter:
Exodus 31.18----stone tablets
The Glory of G-d
Exodus 33.18-33----A Judges heart should be a judical systems
based on G-d's Mercy or Grace that accompanys
G-d's goodness appearing before Moses.
Exodus 33.14----G-d's favor & mercy also provides rest.
G-d is the author of favor & mercy attached to Moses' Law.

wandering in the desert,
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