Galus vs. Israel in relation to Tanakh's 'Primary History'

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Re: Galus vs. Israel in relation to Tanakh's 'Primary Histor

Postby mariaw » Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:50 am

A Short Version of Tanach's Primary History & Purpose
Exodus 3:15----G-d chooses Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Israel) & their descendants
to fill the earth with the memory of HASHEM's Name & knowledge of His glory .

Habakkuk 2:14---- as the waters cover the seabed."
Gen. 12:1----HASHEM shows Abram the land.
Gen. 12:2----HASHEM shows Abram more LAND.
Exodus 3:15----Torah fills land with sweetness like milk & honey.
HASHEM tells Abram "the families of the earth shall bless themselves
by you."

In the days before personal computers,
teaching Torah to the earth was difficult
with slavery, bad influences & temptations to
assimilate & you had to leave home
& spread out like the dust to teach it.
But Jacob was a stay at home Torah scholar.
while Esau was the man of the field. (Gen. 25:27)

Genesis 32:22-32----Jacob wrestles with G-d.
There is a small clue in the Hebrew word for wrestle מתאבק
and the clue is the word dust אבק

Gen. 28:12-15--Jacob's offspring: shall be as the dust of the earth spreading
out powerfully westward, eastward, northward & southward &
all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you & by your offspring.

Gen. 28:20----"And Jacob took a vow saying, 'If G-d will be with me will
guard me on this way that I am going; will give me bread to eat & clothes
to wear & I return in peace to my father's house & HASHEM will be a
G-d to me then this stone which I have set up as a pillar shall become
a house of G-d, & whatever You will give to me, I shall tithe to you.

Deut. 8:3----"man does not live by bread alone,
but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the L-rd."

Deut. 8:4----Eternal Garment that never wears out!!!
Isaiah 61:3----Jacob's offspring, The Spirit of the L-RD is upon me.
A CLOAK of praise instead of a dim spirit.

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Re: Galus vs. Israel in relation to Tanakh's 'Primary Histor

Postby ittai » Sat May 05, 2018 3:28 am

According to what mariaw wrote :

(Jes 61:1-3)  The Spirit of the Lord Jahveh is on me, Because Jahveh did anoint me To proclaim tidings to the humble, He sent me to bind the broken of heart, To proclaim to captives liberty, And to bound ones an opening of bands. To proclaim the year of the good pleasure of Jahveh, And the day of vengeance of our God, To comfort all mourners. To appoint to mourners in Zion, To give to them beauty instead of ashes, The oil of joy instead of mourning, A covering of praise for a spirit of weakness, And He is calling to them, 'Trees of righteousness, The planting of Jahveh—to be beautified.'
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