Hassidic Gentile/Noachide Funeral

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Hassidic Gentile/Noachide Funeral

Postby LittleGator » Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:55 pm

Although this may sound a bit morbid to some, I wanted to know, as my father passed January of 2011 it is a logical question. How should we handle a funeral for a Hassidic Gentile / Noachide?

Living in the south a preacher giving a long drawn out "alter call" and lecture on heaven and hell is what happens. I have been to enough funerals to know this. I hoped that the preacher would not do so, because he didn't know my father, but of course he did. I thought of asking him not to, but I knew that if I had, he would have done it with even more gusto.

Knowing what I went through how can I avoid causing my own children to suffer through such torment. Will a Rabbi oversee a gentile funeral?
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