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Jews who have NDE's

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:36 pm
by steve
I have followed Rabbi Alon Anava's lectures online where he speaks about receiving information during a NDE.
The Torah says do not to consult a medium, What is the difference between Rabbi Anava's testimony and a medium ?
In his lectures, he speaks of many astonishing things some of which I had already learnt from the Breslev Rabbis.
The Rabbi paints a horrific picture of the afterlife a place of intense punishment............


Re: Jews who have NDE's

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:44 pm
by Hart60
Hi Steve,
Yea I've seen some of his videos etc. and his experience seems to have dramatically changed him for the better,I've also read a few other peoples stories about NDE's and most seem to have experienced pleasure rather than horror, I guess it all depends on several factors including the persons state of mind,oxygen levels and drugs/medications being administered at the time.
One thing that sticks with me when I was with my Father when he suddenly passed several years ago and that was the beautiful smile that came on his face as he passed away, from that I assume he was experiencing something very pleasant in his mind.I hope none of us find out for sure for quite a while just yet though.

Re: Jews who have NDE's

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:30 am
by steve

Re: Jews who have NDE's

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:04 pm
by David_L
"It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to rely on man."
Psalms 118:8