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going out

Postby aries » Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:29 pm

In Mishpatim we read that

a young woman servant does not go out like the male servants do.

This means an amah is redeem by money, or marries her master or his son or she finishes six years or reaches puberty (whatever comes first) but she does not go out like a male slave, i.e., if you break her tooth or put out her eye, she is compensated for the loss like anyone else (a male non-jewish slave would go free if a tooth is broken. That is the drash. The peshat would be that she goes out at puberty even if the six years aren't up.

Now in the 16th century a question came up. A Jewish woman servant refused to follow her master orders when requested to go to the Shuk or deliver things to non-Jews. The Posek said she was correct and as a proof he brought this sentence and understood it to mean that a young woman servant does not go outside like male servants do.

This would be a good pun if the posek wasn't serious.
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