yerushalmi notes soup

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yerushalmi notes soup

Postby aries » Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:06 pm

Hillel maintains that one should say the psalm about the exodus from Egypt before the seder. Bet Shamai asks how can he say it before recounting the exodus. Hillel says the actual exodus wasn't till noon the next day and you certainly can't wait till then since it would be after the sunrise. In any event, when someone starts doing a mitzveh you say to the person SOUP!!!!

Now what do we mean by SOUP or MARAK.
Some commentators of little stamina just give up.
However, the best suggestion to read it Marook or polish, that is, when you start eating a meal it counts as if you already ate, wash the dishes and polished the pots.

Soup to you all.
Aryeh Shore
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