dreams do not elevate

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dreams do not elevate

Postby aries » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:14 pm

Chudushei HaRan Sanhedrin

We say that dreams do not raise or lower. If a man appears to you in a dream and says that Yoseph left money with your deceased father in the sum of 142 dollars and it is buried four meters south of the oak tree in your yard, and you dig there and find the exact amount, the money is yours. The dream has no power to tell you that it really belongs to Yoseph or doesn't belong to Yosef.

Now if you dream you made a vow (neder) not to ever eat caviar, the neder is not binding and you do not have to ask for a chacham to release you from the neder.
However, there is a minority opinion that one needs to ask for a heter (release). They claim that people wake up during the night and say and do things but in the morning they think it is a dream. (If I remember correctly, one wakes up about six time a night but doesn't remember it. I am not sure if this is what the Ran is referring to.)
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