silk covering for a torah

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silk covering for a torah

Postby aries » Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:41 pm

It was asked back in the days when silk coverings for the sefer torah was the in thing,
how can we use something from a sheretz (an unkosher insect) to cover the sefer torah. the torah temimah
replied that we see that one of the ingredients brought to the temple was tolaat sheni.
The gaonim identified it with crimirez or crimson worm. (couldn't find if the worm is named for crimson or crimson is named for worm) while others identify it with the silk worm. In any event, we see that it was permitted in the Mishcan so using unkosher animals is
permitted to wrapping the torah but not for making the actual torah scroll. Only kosher animals are permitted for the torah scroll itself.

However, the Rambam insists that the tolaat sheni is a plant. He apparently couldn't stomach the idea that a insect was used for the mishkan.
Aryeh Shore
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Re: silk covering for a torah

Postby martinbrody » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:16 am

What about Techelet? And Tachhash?
martin B
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Re: silk covering for a torah

Postby aries » Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:20 pm

Well Tachash is no problem since there is an opinion in the gemara that it is a kosher chaya and in the Yerushami is just a type of leather. Not sure what the Rambam does with Chalazon. He states it is a fish with a blue eye found in the salt sea (dead sea). I can't find if he thinks it is a kosher fish. Egyptian Jews were familiar with the topography of Eretz Israel and asphalt from the Dead Sea, called Mum the origin of the word mummie, was regular traded with Egypt so they knew that there were no fish in the Dead Sea. In any event, Tolaat Sheni is used in the temple ceremony for the Metzorah so it should be a holier class.

Actually that could be a chidush in the Rambam. All the mephorshim do acrobatics to explain why the Rambam writes fish instead of Sheretz. I suggest that he is being consistent that we do not use unkosher animals in the building of the mishkan.
Aryeh Shore
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Re: silk covering for a torah

Postby mariaw » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:05 pm

Dear Aryeh,

This is about one of Torah's "worms." (Psalms 22.) Actually this isn't about a worm.

I've read a few articles from Chabad sites & I think everybody assumes David is calling himself a "worm" because he feels insignificant.

But take a closer look at the "worm" & see that this is what all the other nations think of something else.

This is the same scripture where you find the words "DESPISED & REJECTED." I'll make a list:

Psalms 22.7

"I am a Worm and Not a Man."
scorn of humanity
despised of people
All who see me deride me
they open wide their lip, they wag their head.

So, the "worm" is a misconception other nations have about something TODAY. It is a prophecy of sorts & not about David personally.

Psalms 22.10----This is a reference to a mother! "I was cast upon You from

This sounds like a man but remember this is not a man.

Psalms 22.5 "In You our fathers trusted, they trusted & You delivered them." G-d's true deliverance comes from a trust worthy government who can rightly divide G-d's Divine Law, stand up & teach it with kindness.

BUT HOW? Exodus 18.20----Jethro's advice to Moses concerning G-d's
decrees & teachings & the paths that the children shall go.

You shall choose men of accomplishment, G-d fearing men, men of truth,
people who despise money, and these shall be LEADERS. (Teachers of Law)

An accomplished woman: Proverbs 31
"The words of Lemuel the king, the prophecy with which his mother disciplined him:"

I submit to you that the mother in Proverbs 31 is Torah's oral Law.
Prov. 31.26 "She opens her mouth with wisdom, & the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."

I've heard teachers of the Talmud teach not only the Law but how to think like G-d.
The rabbinic tradition that the Knesset of Yisrael is called "the Torah of your mother" is absolutely true because the "mother" in this example is the Talmud teacher.

The teachings of Talmud, Oral Law etc. is the Corresponding Helper.
Science is important for understanding the Creation, because science
consists of an unknowable amount of laws. Hawkings finally figured this out, I think. Good grief I'm not a scientist.

We see the Oral Law in the metaphor of Adam looking for a wife ----or as you will, a Government for the Garden. You might come up with laws in Egypt but they will not be carried out with WISDOM OR KINDNESS OF HER TONGUE.

This gives new meaning to "WHY THE EARTH TREMBLES."

Prov. 30.23 "Because of a hateful woman when she is married."

The hateful woman is a hateful GOVERNMENT that is allowed to rule over men.
The true reflection of Torah's Law is that Israel's Leaders teach it with kindness.

Thank you so much, Aryeh
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Re: silk covering for a torah

Postby aries » Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:48 pm

Dear Maria
as usual I have no idea what you mean.
However you are correct it is the nations who think the author is a worm
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