Lech Lecha

The Haftarah of Lech-Lecha, like Breishit, Noach and many others throughout the year, is taken from the Chapters of Comfort of Yeshayahu.

One of Yeshayahu’s objectives as a prophet is to deal with the philosophical and existential issues that Israel experiences in Exile. The Haftarah chosen for Lech Lecha presents the challenge of G-d’s role in history – is He involved or not, and if so, how? Where do we, the Jewish People, fit into his plan? Avraham Avinu, the subject of Lech Lecha is mentioned, both explicitly and obliquely. How does Avraham represent G-d’s role in history?

Text of the Haftarah of Lech Lecha

Connections to the Parsha:

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