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Shabbat HaChodesh

This Shabbat is the last of the four special Shabbatot. We read Parshat HaChodesh that relates the commandment of Rosh Chodesh and of the first Pesach, and the Haftarah is of from Yechezkel, describing the dedication of the final Temple.

Linear annotated translation of the Haftarah of Shabbat HaChodesh

There are so many interesting ideas that the Haftarah brings up in connection with Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and Rosh Chodesh Nissan itself is such an interesting date, it was hard to find just one thing to focus on. So perhaps some day in the future I will write about whether the world was created in Nissan or Tishrei and what difference it makes, and about the Gates of the East and the return to Gan Eden. This time I wrote about the 1st of Tishrei as the New Year for kings.

This is also a chance to summarize the 4 special Shabbatot that prepare us for the season of national independence and achievement:

  • Shekalim on the power and utility of money, which is one of the bases of society.
  • Zachor on the shared values that are worth standing up to protest
  • Parah on the paradoxical nature of Jewish history, and on the potential for change
  • HaChodesh on how we became a nation in the first place.

    May this season bring only good news and joy to the entire Jewish People, wherever they may be.

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Machar Chodesh

When Shabbat is the day before Rosh Chodesh, there is a special Haftarah that is read instead of the regular Haftarah for that Parsha. The text of Machar Chodesh is from Shmuel I, describing a young David trying to figure out where he stands with King Shaul.

Linear annotated translation of the Haftarah of Machar Chodesh

There is a long and complicated back story which I tried to summarize in the introduction. Here is a painting by Rembrandt that shows one of the scenes that preceded the story of the Haftarah itself.

Shaul and David

If tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh, what is tonight? Darkest Hour

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